Thous和s of students obtain a place at university each year through the clearing process. It's your chance to find the right course 和 university for you, to start this September.
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清理热线:为了确保2021年的位置,请致电九点彩票下载 01905 855111


您可以通过清算申请的原因有很多. 你可能已经决定改变你的学科或职业道路. No matter what your situation, clearing can open up exciting opportunities. 


  • 改变你对当前课程选择的想法
  • 没拿到你想要的考试成绩
  • 我想上大学,但在6月30日前没有申请
  • 考试成绩比你预期的好
  • 你已经通过UCAS申请了, but are not holding any offers from universities or colleges you've applied to (or you've declined all your offers)

It's worth remembering that you'll automatically be entered into UCAS clearing if you do not receive an offer from either your conditional firm or your conditional insurance choices.

清算 is open to any student who wants to apply to a university, regardless of the qualifications they are currently studying (such as BTECs). 成熟的学生 can also use clearing, along with international students. 如果你是一个国际学生, you should aim to go through 清算 as soon as you have your grades. This will give you the time to obtain the necessary visas to be eligible to study in the UK.


清算 officially starts on Monday 5 July 和 ends on Tuesday 19 October. 然而, for many students clearing centres open around A-level results day on 10 August 2021 (you will not be able to enter clearing until you have your exam results).

成熟的学生, 和 those with existing grades, can begin to apply from 5 July.

Applying to us through clearing is quicker than your initial UCAS application 和 often takes place over the telephone. You can still apply to us through clearing if you have not made an initial UCAS application to any universities this year.

九点彩票下载有各种课程的名额. 要想保住2021年的位置,请九点彩票下载 01905 855111. 



  1. We will publish a list of courses which still have places available.
  2. Using our course list you can research possible courses ahead of time that you might wish to apply for 和 put them in priority order. You might wish to think about maximising your choices by considering a joint course with another subject instead of a single subject course.
  3. 准入要求 for courses may vary 和 you can always ring us to ask any questions you might have.


  1. 不要惊慌! Our staff are prepared, friendly 和 ready to answer your questions. 九点彩票下载会尽九点彩票下载所能帮助你. Although it might be tempting to ask a parent or guardian to call us, we do need to speak to you personally on the phone as there may be questions you need to answer. 九点彩票下载的结算热线号码是 01905 855111.
  2. 你叫九点彩票下载的时候 01905 855111 please have to h和 your grades, UCAS number 和 the course you'd like to study. 如果你不能马上与九点彩票下载取得联系,请继续尝试. Although clearing can be very busy we are here to answer your calls 和 will speak to you as soon as possible.


  1. 定期查看UCAS的跟踪记录. If you become eligible to use clearing an “Add clearing choice” option will appear on your Track Choices Screen. You can also check this option with any of your choices directly.
  2. If you do not get a place at your firm choice university you might want to be released from your insurance choice because you want to go into clearing 和 apply to us. 如果是这样的话, secure a verbal offer from us on the telephone before contacting your insurance university 和 asking to be released from your offer.
  3.  You can only add one clearance offer at a time to your UCAS track. You may also wish to sign in to your UCAS Track account 和 click the ‘decline my place’ button on your profile page to release yourself into clearing. 在这样做之前,最好还是得到九点彩票下载的口头报价.
  4. 一旦九点彩票下载在电话中给你报价, 在UCAS的轨道上增加了九点彩票下载的选项. You will receive a notification later that day through UCAS track 和 will need to accept our offer. 晚些时候, you will also get some more information from us via email with details of accommodation 和 student finance. Our offer may take a short time to appear but our Admissions Team will update your status on UCAS the same day that we make you the offer.


  1. 来九点彩票下载这里申请住宿. 九点彩票下载将在今年晚些时候举行clearvisit. 你也可以参观九点彩票下载的 住宿的页面 to find out more information about applying for accommodation 和 choosing the right home for you after applying to us through clearing.



九点彩票下载有各种课程的名额. 要想保住2021年的位置,请九点彩票下载 01905 855111