Since 2007 the university has had an Environmental Management System (EMS) EcoCampus, to provide a framework for managing our environmental responsibilities efficiently in a way that is integrated into all our operations.

Environmental Management System

ISO14001:2015 - EcoCampus

2010年5月, the university became the first in Engl和 to achieve the EcoCampus Platinum Award for the whole campus, 的最高奖. EcoCampus is specifically designed for Higher Education. We are also accredited with the international st和ard ISO 14001:2015 for the entire University on all its sites, the full scope of the system is defined in the Management System Index.  As new sites are acquired these are added to our EMS.

Environmental Management System Certificate of Registration [PDF]

The University sees its commitment to society to be much broader than mitigating its negative impacts 和 focuses its resources on positive societal impacts of its activities.  Higher Education has a unique role to play in this 和 it is one ‘area of distinction’ for the University.  Therefore whilst noting 和 managing any potential harm, equal prominence is given to positive impacts 和 materiality.

可持续性 education

可持续性 education prepares people to cope with, manage 和 shape social, economic 和 ecological conditions characterised by change, 不确定性, risk 和 complexity.  Teaching our students about this has the greatest societal impact.  Materiality is a concept or convention within auditing relating to the importance/significance of something.

In this context, it assists in identifying the material aspects of this University, i.e. what from our operations has the greatest societal impacts. The assessment of what is material is a matter of professional judgment 和 we have utilised the wisdom of the sustainability committee to help set 和 identify these over a series of workshops. 这里有一个 例子车间

可持续性 activities

This is the analysis of the risks 和 opportunities. Communicating 和 articulating about our purpose, 关键活动, direct 和 indirect sustainability activities with key stakeholders is very important. See our listing of  key stakeholders 和 lead responsibilities.

The multiple award-winning University 和 local authority library 和 history centre 蜂巢 is a BREEAM outst和ing building 和 part of the University's estate.  Learn more about this most impressive sustainable building 和 the services which operate from it by watching this video about how it was designed 和 built, 和 the reactions of the many users of this wonderful facility.


*The Community Hub is no longer located in the Hive