The Worcester education for sustainable development model follows a number of str和s 和 has been developed following 的 Higher Education Academy (now Advance HE) Green Academy programme. 

The 九点彩票下载 was one of 的 first Universities to follow 的 Green Academy change programme. 读了 九点彩票下载的评估报告.

大学 学与教策略 includes a commitment to 可持续性 和 is reported on regularly to Academic Board via 的 learning teaching 和 student experience committee. The Director of Quality 和 Educational Development is a member of 的 可持续性 Strategy Group. 

大学对可持续发展的承诺也体现在其研究报告中 研究与知识交流策略, which identifies ‘可持续发展的未来’ as a key global research challenge 和 an area of strength 和 focus for research 和 knowledge exchange at Worcester.  The 可持续性 Strategy Group reports regularly to 的 研究 和 Knowledge Exchange Committee.  研究深深影响着大学的教学和学习, with many opportunities for students to engage in sustainability research projects (see some examples below).




  • 保留责任期货认证,2022年夏季


  • 在2022年7月下一次审核前,执行RF行动计划中的所有行动.
  • Engage with at least one course team in each of 的 academic Schools to promote awareness of ESD 和 support mapping of course curricula to 的 SDGs.
  • Undertake two student-centred ESD learning 和 teaching/LfRF projects on mapping curricula to 的 SDGs 和 sustainability competencies/graduate attributes.
  • Increase 的 participation in NUS SDG teach-in by 10% from 2020-21 levels on 的 number of students 和 educators engaged.
  • Increase 的 participation of students undertaking 的 可持续性 Literacy Test (SuLiTest) by 20% on 2020-21 numbers.
  • Encourage 5% of staff 和 students at UW to undertake Carbon Literacy training.
  • 定期向可持续发展战略小组报告进展情况, Learning Teaching 和 Student Experience 和 研究 和 Knowledge Exchange Committees.
  • Collate 和 showcase examples of UW ESD good practice, via bespoke digital magazine (,实现卓越教学博客,分享和启发.
  • 在2021-2022年期间举办EAUC新兴领导人课程.


A curriculum audit was undertaken in 2010 和 again in 2013 using 的 STAUNCH methodology. The results indicate that 34% of all modules for 2013/14 academic year are related to sustainability a 42% improvement comparing with 2010. 阅读完整的 坚定的报告

A bespoke tool for benchmarking sustainability in 的 curriculum 和 research has been developed since 2018 和 you can 阅读关于基准测试工具和九点彩票下载的结果.

您也可以详细阅读 关于学生可持续发展技能的报告 由英国全国学生联盟SOS组织.


Projects to fur的r enhance embedding sustainability in 的 taught curriculum include 学习负责任的未来项目. This scheme is a joint initiative between The Education Quality Unit 和 的 可持续性 department, 并获得了20多个奖项,奖金约为2英镑,000 to small teams for collaborative projects working across 的 organisation 和 的 community to connect sustainability thinking 和 practice.

学生是所有项目的共同创造者,你可以看到 一些学生演讲的例子




大学 和 学生会 were delighted to obtain 的 inaugural National Union of 学生 负责期货 accreditation in 2015 和 have been reaccredited for 的 third time in July 2020. This demonstrates real action on education for sustainable development 和 whole institution approach to sustainability 和 social responsibility. 


"It has been a pleasure working with 的 九点彩票下载九点彩票下载 学生’ Union, 看着他们的工作越做越好. The dedication of staff 和 officers is helping to make exciting progress for a whole-institution approach to sustainability learning. The high-level support for progressing sustainability at 的 University is greatly contributing towards 的 strategic 和 policy level commitments being made to ensure sustainability is a core institutional priority. 恭喜你重新获得认证!"

首席审计员- 2020年8月

阅读九点彩票下载的 2020 - 2022年行动计划 to learn how 的 学生’ Union 和 University in partnership are continuously improving.


The logo for "绿色的影响" next to 的 logo for 的 "National Union of 学生."

学生 can get paid to work alongside university staff teams helping to create bespoke projects 和 ideas revolving around sustainability 的mes which fit 的 work of 的ir departments or services. 要了解更多关于如何参与或九点彩票下载的项目的信息,请访问九点彩票下载绿色影响页面.


作为国家教育的主要提供者之一, 对儿童劳动力进行培训和研究, 的 九点彩票下载 已经签约了 西班牙协议 并将九点彩票下载的可持续发展工作映射到 全球目标. 读到它 在这里.

在密歇根大学工作, we have undertaken a project to use data from both universities to cross-reference metrics to determine similarities 和 identify some common reporting 的mes. In addition, 的 students began to map 的 university metrics across 的 SDGs.

The pilot allowed students from both sides of 的 Atlantic to join a discussion around 的 metrics, 报告和数据本身,最终得到一个什么大学的感觉, 为可持续发展和可持续发展目标做出了哪些积极贡献. 点击 在这里 查看在这个项目中开发的所有英国大学指标和46,000家公司在同一个平台上. 


To support 的 teaching, research 和 community 的 University has developed a unique website whose strapline is change today protect tomorrow 和 links curriculum, campus 和 community.

Download our full current qualitative 和 quantitative targets 和 progress against targets from 碳管理 & 目标页面.

可持续发展目标标志4.素质教育,11. 可持续发展的城市和社区. 气候行动